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Select talents with new ideas

The company adheres to the principle of "prefer to lack rather than abuse", and has formulated a set of strict selection and recruitment procedures to ensure the quality of selected talents, namely: preliminary examination - re-examination (written test, operation assessment, defense) - trial - evaluation - employment. Let talents compete on a relatively level playing field.


Cultivate talents with new mechanism

  1. Establish a mechanism for outstanding talents to stand out. On the one hand, it has changed the status of lifelong enjoyment of the original technical title once assessed. Based on the scientific research achievements, economic benefits created by the professional and technical personnel in the company, the technical level and technological innovation ability and other indicators as the objective evaluation basis, the technical personnel are evaluated and professional and technical positions are appointed. On the other hand, the company provides equal opportunities and competitive remuneration for talents by establishing "remuneration system" and "performance appraisal system".
    Formulate and carefully organize the implementation of short, medium and long-term training plans for employees. Knowledge is wealth, and constantly enrich the minds of employees with new knowledge, giving employees opportunities to learn and recharge. The characteristics of the company's talent training can be vividly summarized as "long-term sharpening, medium-term gold plating, and short-term charging".
    Improve the quality of employees with corporate culture. Advocate a new concept of cultural management, emphasize learning, and create a learning organization. Lantian admonishes that "the person who eliminates you is not your competitor, but yourself", like an invisible pointer, urging the company's employees to constantly learn and enrich themselves. Cultivate the team spirit of employees with corporate culture, emphasizing "cultivating people and transforming people". Through warning education such as "prosperity makes me proud, enterprise declines make me humiliated", "do not work hard today, try to find a job tomorrow", etc., cultivate employees' sense of crisis in a learning atmosphere, enhance the company's centripetal force and cohesion, and make employees consistent in their ideals and goals Consistent, act in unison.


Eclectic use of talents

  1. Provide a stage for employees to display their talents, and stimulate their talents with careers.
    Through the principle of "equality and trust", employees are encouraged to consciously dedicate their wisdom.
    With the help of the outer brain, it is not for me, but for me.
    "Fitness is talent". It is the highest realm of employing people to do their best and to do their best. No one is perfect, and talents are only those who are good at one skill. Putting them in the right position can give full play to their skill and let them enjoy the joy of work. This is our concept of employment.


Career, environment, treatment Retain talents

  1. To provide a good entrepreneurial platform for talents to retain people with career.
    A corporate humanistic environment with respect, integrity and harmonious atmosphere has been established, and people are retained by the environment.
    Retain people with generous wages and benefits.

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